Work and School Management

Before choosing your classes, take a moment to consider the following: how much time will you have to be a college student? Being a successful college student requires not only classroom attendance but hours of study outside of class as well.

Each class has a unit value. Generally, one unit of credit equals one hour of class time. Most classes are worth three to four units, (depending on the class) since they meet three to four hours a week. Plan on studying one and half hours per weed for each hour in class.

If you will be working while attending college, use the course load schedule below to find the recommended number of units in which to enroll.

Here are the course load schedule for a semester or quarter:

If You Work:
Enroll in no more than:
You Will need to study:
5 - 15 hrs/wk
16 units (4-5 classes)
24 hrs/wk
20 hrs/wk
12 units (3-4 classes)
18 hrs/wk
30 hrs/wk
9 units (2-3 classes)
14 hrs/wk
40 hrs/wk
6 units (1-2 classes)
9 hrs/wk
40 + hrs/wk
3 units (1 class)
5 hrs/wk


By following this course load schedule you will allow yourself to work, go to class, and study for your classes. This course load schedule will also work around your other commitments like family, eat, sleep, travel to and from school, ect. It will allow you to also devote time for yourself for exercise, social life or a sports team.




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