College Planning and Preparation

If you are a high school student who wants to continue with a university education the first thing you need to do is take your PSAT, SAT, SATII test. If you are a high school student who wants to continue with a college education like a community college for your 2 year plan then transfer to a university then you do not need to take any of the three tests mentioned above.

After taking your exams you should then decide which university you would like to attend. It will be best to know what you are going to major or minor in before you start applying for the universities. You should do research on universities and make your decision based on which universities has your major and how impacted your major is.

If you are going to go to a university that your major has a status that it is impacted then that university will most probably have a limited amount of students it will admit, and they will decide who will get into that major by looking over the admission data base and admitting the student with the highest GPA (grade point average), highest SAT and SATII scores, and how involved you are within your community (sports team, or community service etc.)

If you are a high school student that is going to go to a community college, you do not need to worry about getting admitted to the junior college. Most high school students chose to go to community college because for one, it is a lot less expensive, and it is usually local, you do not have to move out into a dorm. Some stuff that is bad about community college's is that even though it is suppose to take you maximum of 2 years to finish, it will normally take you 4 years to get your AA or AS degree. The reason be hide this is because community colleges are so packed that you normally can not get all the classes you need on time for you to finish on time.

After getting admitted to a college you should give your counselor a visit. Your academic adviser can help you prepare a class list of all the classes that you need to take. They will help you arrange your semester or quarter units so that you will have a either a full time or part time student status. You can also decide if you would like to take classes in the summer and they can also arrange those classes for you also. They can help you by advising you to take maybe the easy classes in the summer so that you could also have more time with friends and family and go to class at the same time.

Note: you do not have to take the exact same classes in the class list your adviser gave you, you can mix your classes around if the times of the classes that are being offered during that session is not reasonable in your schedule. But if it is a class that has a prerequisite or a co-requisite then it is best to take those classes first so that you can get those classes out of the way. Most classes that require a prerequisite or a co-requisite are the English or math classes, you should also keep in the book schedule and double check with your counselor.

ALSO: your counselor is not the one that will register you into these classes, you have to register yourself when your registration time has come.

Other stuff you need to know is, how many classes you are going to take a semester or quarter and how many hours a week you are going to work during the time classes are in session. Do not forget to go to every classes meeting and keep up with your assignments.




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